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We believe our expertise in management, development, financial and marketing services truly complements your experience and supports your mission as a provider.  Together, we create a team committed to improving the lives of seniors every day in all we do. We truly care about your residents and the "new life" they enjoy in the communities we help you to create and with the program of services we help you to provide.  New Life Management & Development, Inc. is committed to fostering security, dignity and independence while promoting personal growth for those whose lives we touch.


New Life Distinctions:

  • A national firm based in California with a regional presence in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida
  • A professional work force with specialists in development, finance, marketing and management
  • Over 120 clients in 26 states since the firm’s inception in 1990
  • Proven track record of success in creating revitalized and new communities
  • Our professional staff has worked in operating senior living communities
  • Adapt the components of successful senior living to fit each unique market and service area
  • Past and present clients have included religious, fraternal and community  based organizations
  • Worked with small, medium and large campuses ranging in size from fewer than 50 to more than 2,000 apartments
  • Our communities reflect a variety of regions and geographic areas, from rural to urban to suburban areas throughout the Eastern, Midwestern and Western United States
  • Work with approximately 20 organizations in order to spend the appropriate time assessing, evaluating, planning, marketing, constructing, opening, and operating high quality senior living communities.


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